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On-site opportunities allow us to work closely with our clients to share our dedication in exciting new ways.  For more information please contact us at


Consulting services


We work with our clients to continue on with the strengths they are currently working with. Identifying where they may need improvements, that relate to the results they want to achieve.  Our approach is a commitment to our clients needs and results that will fit and define a safe and secure workforce culture, value and a strategic vision.

Training services


Agricultura Safety Training is committed to our clients results and will identify, in cooperation with the client, the appropriate level of training support needed.

In addition, we provide special meetings of work groups, leaders, intra and inter agency collaboration and overall facilitation support to our clients wanting to conduct a meeting with a neutral trainer. We use problem solving tools and team building techniques to help client agencies to reach decisions, further understandings, and resolving issues or disputes (if needed).  To facilitate successful accomplishments for a safer work environment and culture.

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